SN provides personalized, sophisticated legal services and imaginatively responds to our clients’ needs. SN strives to apply practical, yet creative, solutions best suited for our clients in their current situations. We serve our clients with efficient, effective and innovative solutions with an attractive and flexible rate structure.

SN provides its clients with thorough legal advice from high quality, detail-oriented professionals who realize the importance of cultivating close, long-term relationships and collaborating with our clients to enhance their businesses. It is this collaboration and commitment to a long-term attorney-client relationship over short term economics that allows flexibility in our fee schedule.

SN prides itself on providing clients with quality advice and will not accept engagements we view as ill-advised or a waste of a client’s time or funds. SN attorneys are tenacious while understanding the time sensitivity of certain matters. SN also understands the importance of employing outside consultants and legal experts in resolving certain issues clients may have.