Commercial Litigation

SN has vast experience representing clients in a broad range of complex business litigation cases.  SN’s attorneys are tenacious and provide creative solutions to complex matters.  SN emphasizes the cultivation of close, long-term, flexible relationships and the importance of collaborating and working closely with our clients throughout each phase of litigation.  Our team is sensitive to being cost-effective in the management of a case.

SN’s attorneys are experienced in the supervision and management of complex cases and frequently work with consultants, experts and other counsel to efficiently and effectively meet all of our client’s needs.  SN’s litigators work closely with the corporate transactional team and can handle any matter that may arise.  The broad scope of cases handled by our team includes breach of contract, breach of confidentiality/standstill agreements, corporate governance, construction, indemnification, intellectual property, business fraud, financial services and products, health care, insurance, and securities.