Financial Restructuring

SN brings a wealth of experience representing clients in structuring, negotiating, drafting, restructuring and assisting in the administration of credit arrangements of all types.  SN takes pride in its ability to quickly and efficiently negotiate solutions, redocument matters, resolve disputes and respond to emergencies.  Our attorneys work closely with clients in the development of pre-bankruptcy strategies and structuring corporate, commercial and securities transactions to preserve and enhance value.  SN strives to apply practical, yet creative, solutions best suited for our clients in their current situations.

SN assists clients in restructuring debt, reassessing business plans, selling equity securities, negotiating new credit facilities, selling going-concern businesses and assets, and negotiating new capital structures.  We also advise clients on implementing out-of-court restructurings by applying various strategies such as plans of reorganization, debt conversions, strategic mergers, venture capital financing and exchange offers.  We have represented numerous companies in out-of-court workouts and in various industry sectors, including without limitation, financial services, healthcare, real estate, distribution, and retail.  Additionally, our lawyers have played leading roles in the restructuring of large revolving asset-based loans, real estate term loans and in workouts of more complex asset securitization.

Through their vast experience, our attorneys are able to readily assess the multiple perspectives underlying a complex restructuring.